SCRAM 0.16.2

SCRAM is a Command-line Risk Analysis Multi-tool.

SCRAM is a free and open source probabilistic risk analysis tool that supports the Open-PSA Model Exchange Format.

SCRAM is licensed under the GPLv3. The release notes, source code, and issue/bug tracker are located at GitHub.

SCRAM logo is designed by Nikash SINGH.

Code documentation:

Implemented Features

  • Event tree analysis (Fault tree linking, Event tree linking)
  • Static fault tree analysis (MOCUS, BDD, ZBDD)
  • Analysis of non-coherent fault trees (Minimal Cut Sets, Prime Implicants)
  • Analysis with common-cause failure models
  • Probability analysis (Importance factors, IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Levels)
  • Uncertainty analysis with Monte Carlo simulations
  • Alignment (Mission, Phases)
  • Substitutions (Delete Terms, Recovery Rules, Exchange Events)
  • Fault tree generator
  • GUI front-end