TODO List for the SCRAM Project

Low Hanging Fruits


The following To-Do items are features with high uncertainties. Upon becoming more certain (realistic, clear, ready, doable), the items should graduate to GitHub issues.


Relative, subjective importance within groups is tagged in italics. The order of items is arbitrary (i.e., irrelevant).

Enhancements and Capabilities


  • Sensitivity analysis. Moderate
  • Dynamic fault tree analysis. High
  • Systems with loops (risk network, strongly-connected components). Low
  • Markov chains (numerical and simulation-based analyses). Moderate
  • Reliability block diagrams. Moderate


  • Quantitative analysis with BDD w/o qualitative analysis. Moderate
  • Event-tree analysis shadow-variables optimizations. High
  • Incorporation of cut-offs (probability, contribution, dynamic) for ZBDD. Moderate
  • Advanced variable ordering and reordering heuristics for BDD. Low
  • Joint importance reliability factor. Low
  • Analysis for all system gates (qualitative and quantitative). Multi-rooted graph analysis. Low
  • Importance factor calculation for gates (formulas). Low
  • Uncertainty analysis for importance factors. Moderate
  • Generalization of parameter units and dimensional analysis. Low


  • More tests for expressions. Moderate

  • More tests for preprocessing techniques. High

    • Graph equality tests.