GUI Front-End


The GUI front-end does not provide access to all the features implemented in SCRAM.

The GUI front-end is developed with Qt5 and Qt Creator.

The front-end can be launched from the command-line with scram-gui. Run scram-gui --help to get more information.

Translation and localization status can be found at Crowdin.

GUI Concerns

  • Construction and visualization of risk analysis models (fault trees, event trees, etc.).
  • Configuration of the analysis.
  • Delegation of the analysis to the core.
  • Presentation of the analysis results.

Design Goals/Principles

  • The GUI design relates to the user, not the system architecture.
  • The GUI must be so intuitive, discoverable, and transparent that developers can get away with minimal or no documentation of the GUI.
  • If the GUI tutorial is needed, the design is failure.
  • If screen-shots are needed to discover a feature, the design is failure.

Design Constraints

  • Loose coupling with the SCRAM core
  • Functionality
  • Efficiency and Performance (Soft = 50ms)
  • Correct by construction (guaranteed validity upon model construction).

Design Assumptions

  • Visualization and construction of analysis models are meant for human consumption and analysis, not for demonstration of how complex/complicated/large the system is.
  • Risk analysis models (e.g. fault trees) of engineering systems have natural modularity; the system can be described by an interrelated/interconnected collection of components.
  • A monolithic description of a component with a large number of elements (e.g. 100 or more) is practically incomprehensible for human consumption, unmaintainable, and error-prone, hiding the modeling errors.
  • A myriad (10 or more) of failure scenarios describing the model is practically incomprehensible for the analyst.
  • Qualitative and quantitative metrics (e.g. total probability, # of scenarios, etc.) together with data analysis and visualization help the analyst filter out the most important/relevant information to focus and act upon.
  • The analyst is computer-literate and knowledgeable of risk analysis tools and techniques.

GUI Features

  • Full screen mode
  • Dynamic/Interactive
  • Scrolling/Dragging/Magnification
  • Printing capability
  • Find and replace
  • Warning pane
  • Status line
  • Multi-level undo
  • Hot keys/Shortcuts
  • Auto-Save
  • Separate editors for analysis components
  • Convenient, effective view of analysis results
  • Context menu
  • Smart defaults